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If you are reading this you are The Resistance. Ground Control FightGear started The Resistance in 2006. Since then we have worked with athletes from all over the world. Ground Control FightGear is a leader in High Performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,Grappling, & MMA Apparel. All our gear is Ground Control Certified & Battle Ground Tested.


"I have been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1998 & the 450 series kimono is by far the BEST gi i've ever owned! It has an amazing custom fit that also leaves room for mobility & breathability. I have owned many kimonos & there has always been something I didn't like about them, pants to short, sleeves roll up to high after a wash, but the 450 series is EXCELLENT! If your looking for a light but strong kimono for an OUTSTANDING price then look NO further than the 450 series made by Ground Control!"
Tony Rivera, Black Belt

"Justin I just wanted to give you an update with the kimonos, they are awesome!!!!!. I am taking one of your kimonos out to dhabi tomorrow! It's great because it super hot out there and your gi is perfect for that! Thanks man for everything!"-JT
Jt Torres, Black Belt

"Got the gi. I love it. I was cleaner than a bitch when I wore it.I like the feel. Definitely a fan and a user now."
Din Thomas, Black Belt / UFC FIGHTER

"I really liked the new Kimono. It felt just like my Vulkan which I love. Great job on that gi bro!"
Ethan Day, Black Belt

"I got the gi my man, awesome gi, really light and look really good, thank you for that.I was using here to teach today.I going to show my friends cause they can use to do tournaments cause is really light.Thanks again."
Rafael Rebello, Black Belt

"The Gc lite gi is one of the best gis I have trained with. For hot summer days when you train you have less fatigue and little weight to hold you back. The liteness of it is perfect for ibjjf tournaments if you need to make weight that's why I chose this gi. Do yourself a favor and get one soon."
Ruben Alvarez, Black Belt

"Just got my new Ground Control Light weight gi, trained with it last night, awesome! Not only is it a great fitting gi also it gets the ladies going."
Shaughn "THE DIRTBAG" Koukos, PRO MMA Fighter/Actor/ Black Belt

"All I can say is WOW!!! When I first saw the Kimono I thought to myself was " this gi looks great but its most likely going to be heaving and hot because it was a black gi", but i was shocked to find out that the gi was very light weight and comfortable. It fit my body style perfectly, and I couldn't ask for a better Gi. All of my training partners are putting in their order asap, mostly because they cannot get a good grip on my new Ground Control Gi. Look Out for me in june when I represent at the World Championships wearing the Black and Yellow 450 Ground Control Gi.Thank you Ground Control for such a Great Gi."
Jonavin Webb, Black Belt
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